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Hi. . . You are here. Welcome!

YOU ARE HERE creates space to imagine new realities. We create at the intersection of arts and social justice, using our tools as artists to work in solidarity with marginalized populations. Our work manifests in three branches: HAPPENINGS, RESEARCH, and COMMUNITY SUPPORT. 

Happenings can look like performances, community gatherings, large-scale immersive parties, and events you have never imagined before. 

Our current research project is called GATHER, for which we are video-interviewing folks who use art for community building, social justice, and/or healing to learn about their methodologies. 

Our community support has thus far manifested itself as creative, producorial, and financial aid to artists, organizations, or organizers who are also using the arts to make a positive impact and who need some support. Soon, we will also be offering small artist/organizer grants, so stay tuned for that. 

Our team consists of Lilleth Glimcher - the founder and Artistic Director of YAH, and Rebeca Rad, our director of Outreach.

Let's commune. Let's dance. Let's co-liberate.

Contributing Artists, Organizations, Activists, Humans....
516 Arts, Aaron Madison, Adam Horowitz, Aditi Damle, Aisha Mirza, Aleesha Nash, Amanda + James, Amanda Hameline, Anaïs Maviel, Andrea Arrubla, Ann Lewis, Anne Cecile Haney, Artivism, Ashton Muñiz, Azzah Sultan, Brooke Herr, Cashel Sapphire, Cat Lantigua, Cayla Sharp, César Alvarez, Charlotte Lethbridge, Chloe Bensahel, Christina Vislocky, Chriz Zaborowski, Chun Cho, Cindy Trinh, Coral Smith, Cristina Pitter, Cucalorus, Dan Giles, Dan Kleederman, Dana Davenport, Daniel Prosky, Darby Davis, Darío Ameni, Deepali Gupta, Deepti Sunder, Diana Michner, Diane Exavier, DJ Adair, DJ Dreeemy, DJ Ushka, Eliza Fish, Gabriel Jesiolowski, Garrett Allen, Georgina Parfitt, Hye Young Chun, Isabella Sazak, Isabelle Glimcher, Ita Segev, Jaleeca Yancy, James Danner, Jax Jackson, Jazmin Jones, Jen Tchiakpe, Jess Marlor, Jessica Angima, Jourdan Sayers, Juan Pablo Rahal, Jude Tedaldi, Julia Anrather, June Canedo, Katie Madison, Kayla Sklar, Keelay Gipson, Kelley Shih, Kevin Sun, Korde Tuttle, Ladin Awad, Lakisha May, Larkin Grimm, Lexy Copithorne, Lilleth Glimcher, Lorin Kahn Puppet Theater, L Wilson-Spiro, Lucie Touroul, Marie-Elle Vivaldi, Mark Mauriello, Matthew Dicken, Megan Branch, Mesiah Burciaga Hameed, Michaella Barron, Music Resource Center, Mona Demone, Nabiyah Be, Nat Brut, Nia Calloway, Nicole Raintoe, Nora Menken of Le Pom Shop, Poppy Liu, Rachel Libeskind, Rae Swon, Rahim Fortune, Rebeca Rad, Rebecca Feinberg, Santa Fe High School, Sara Pinotti, Shasta Geaux Pop, Shelby Leshine, Sophia Fish, Sophie Walker, Starr Busby, Stefa*, Stephanie Gaweda, Suom of Medicine Wheel Apothecary, Suzanne Sbarge, Talia Feldberg, Tobi Aremu, Todd Shalom, Tori Ratermanis, Una Osato, USDAC, Willy Beato, Xamari Rolin, Xandra Clark, Yarminiah of Purposerosa, Yilmaz Sazak