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Hi. . . You are here. Welcome! Our mission at YOU ARE HERE is to present interdisciplinary art as a catalyst for social change. We aim to create space for artistic action, youth empowerment, and community-building by presenting multi-media art and performance. We imagine and fight for a more united future through gatherings, happenings, research, and community support. 

Founder + Artistic Director
Lilleth Glimcher

Director of Outreach
Rebeca Rad

Nabiyah Be, Julia Anrather, Larkin Grimm, Anaïs Maviel, Kevin Sun, Andrea Arrubla, Ladin Awad, Brooke E. Herr, Ann Lewis, Rachel Libeskind, Azzah Sultan, M/A Directions, Cindy Trihn, Lakisha May, Cayla Sharpe, Ita Segev, Anne Cecile Haney, Isabella Sazak, Daniel Prosky, Lucie Touroul, Tobi Aremu, Sophia Fish, Starr Busby, Sara Pinotti, Nia Calloway, Xamari Rolin, Aaron Madison, Nicole Raintoe, Hye Young Chun, Xandra Clark, Chun Cho, Darby Davis, Ashton Muniz, Megan Branch, Dan Giles, Amanda Hameline, Rebecca Feinberg, Shelby Leshine, Amanda + James, James Danner, Georgina Parfitt, Jen Tchiakpe, Mark Mauriello, Brooke Herr, Kelley Shih, Dominique Fawn Hill, Jude Tedaldi, Adam Horowitz, USDAC, Music Resource Center, Artivism, Cucalorus, Nat Brut, Lorin Kahn Puppet Theater, 516 Arts, Santa Fe High School