YOU ARE HERE is a nonprofit producer of interdisciplinary art as a catalyst for social change. We bring together people of every race, gender, orientation, and opinion to make art in direct response to our global, socio-political landscape. We believe that a diversity of perspective will create more innovative work and will better challenge the injustices of our world. Together we aim to imagine and fight for a more united future.

Founder + Artistic Director: Lilleth Glimcher
Founding member + Outreach Coordinator + Social Media: Rebeca Rad

Contributing Curator: Sabrina Hahn of Hahn Fine Art
Resident Artivist: ShiShi Rose
Resident Artist + Contributing Curator + Advisory Board Member: Rachel Libeskind
Resident Artivist + Filmmaker: Cayla Sharp
Graphic Design + resident artist: Alexis Copithorne

Additional contributing artists include Anne Cecelia Haney, Amanda Hameline, Ashton Muniz, Aundria Brown, Sohina Sidhu, Alice Emily Baird, Ben Lorenz, Jacob Brandt, Isabella Sazak, Julia Anrather, Isabelle Glimcher, Emily Reilly, Rachel Libeskind, Daniel Prosky, Elizabeth Mak, Dan Giles, Laura Bernstein,and more.